...and so on the 6th of September 2008 Moonspell Rites Promotions was born from the ashes of me as a freelance promoter under my own name,which i did somelike 2 years before that.

Instead of helping out bands from the overwhelming scene of great bands,i choosed to handle just a handful of unique bands with an own identity with the Dutch Black Metal band Yawgmoth,and the Danish Black Metal band Blodarv being the first ones to mention.In time Blodarv their population growed,and now fall under Patricia Thomas bandmanagement.May it be the influence of MRP,and Nigrum Serpentis who also gave them a helping hand helping them forward.

                                                                   Blodarv 2008

                                          Yawgmoth-Macabre CD(full-length)Promo.flyer

                                                                Yawgmoth 2011(?)

Yawgmoth-Videoslideshow feat.pics from present 'til past.

Plans,plans and plans.Even to make a short weekend mini-tour which we never got around to with trouble such as dates not connecting,or venues who simply couldn't effort it.All in all both bands continued,as MRP,and NSP helped along doing promotion for some records/modellingwork,and of course latest updates and news.

Coming to interviews i had the huge honor doing THE FIRST  interview with Zana of Nigrum Serpentis Promotions/model.Which can be found back on here.Honesty where honestly is due,however not everyone agrees they are a personal view on things,and how they look upon them.I had same issue with another interview which with agreement of band(coming from Brooklyn,NY/US) as the opposite position,bringing us in a weird situation,since names were mentioned in the interview which at the end not everyone agrees on,and saves us court costs..hehe

Zana with a Blodarv shirt,modelling for them for a period of time.

After this i went on the search for other bands as crossing great bands such as Bloodstained Dusk(US),as talking to tons of others, MRP still remained to the Underground and met up with bands on internet such as Wrath Passion(NO) Exiled From Light(NZ),Youkai(Brooklyn,NY/US),Abruption(SC,UK),Yaotzin(NL),Old Forest(UK),Weltbrand(NL),and as we speak tons more.The thing i never thought what would happen,happened.As letting some people coming in to close,as personal hearing the greatest stories,as others being very sad.Honestly,as a label i must say,and warn about,don't let bands get to you,as it gets to close,being a label,act professional!

A nice detail is that some lyrics i wrote just to get through some private time got eventually used on the record 'A Visit In Hell'by the Norwegian Black Metal band WRATH PASSION,with knowing Daniel Markussen pretty good in time i chosed to help him out.'A Bloodline Ending'is the one and only track with lyrics on that record.

The first ever MRP logo.Sometimes 'simple'is the most brilliant.

Stitched a selfmade MRP patch unto my leather jacket(RIP)back in the days.

Coming to projects MRP always tried to lay connection to bands and labels,and still do,in hope they get the right recorddeal which suits band and label.

Another great band which got interviewed.Old Forest from the UK.However not really well known by many,worth checking them out,as Death to Music Records.their Recordlabel.

One of the best news in the existence of MRP was for me the return of Sabathan after the leave in Enthroned.Unfortunaly he only co-operates on the demo,and did some live shows with Dawn of Crucifixion,being the background vocalist/bassist,eager to take his old position back again as frontman,he joined Slaughter Messiah afterwards on vox/bassguitar,as being the bassist in the Heavy Metal band HORACLE.

Sabathan in the ranks on the Dawn Of Crucifxion promo 2009

Slaughter Messiah-Slaughter Messiah (1st track of the first demo)

In time i was also working on some fan slidevideos myself,basically simple stuff,but bands appreciated it,and that's enough for me,as MRP.One of them being of the Swedish Redneck/BM band Chainsawtan,which i 'til this day fully support,cause their unique blend of redneck influences,combined with the raw simple BM sound.Besides that their demo got sold (and still does) in the mp.3 store of Forces of Satan Records (Roger Tiegs/Gorgoroth).

Coming back to interviews i suggest to also read the interview with the lovely Sylvia of the German A~Blaze zine,teaching you one or two things how the scene behind the curtains work.A honest and beautiful lady,who actually invited me to come over to Germany back in the days meeting up on a BM fest,or a show,which unfortunaly never got realized.However,it's not all doom and gloom..hahaha and after reading you can tell.

                                                           Sylvia of the A~Blaze team

logo Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.

Above.A German documentary interviewing Onielar (vocalist/bassist)for Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.Doing an interview with Velnias myself,it's really a band living up their own standards.

REV 16:8-Flame Salvation (Official video)

                                                         Nefastus-REV 16:8 (Guitars)

In time everytime came in some sort of stream,mindless thinking nothing new came up anymore,and everything was done already,until REV 16:8 came across the corner with this mindblowing debut Grand Tidal Rave',and more than well done professional video.Unfortunaly the band quit after 2 full lengths cause of the vocalists busy schedule.Nefastus is nowadays active in other different bands/projects.


Another small highlight so far was that two bands Moonspell Rites Promotions was helping ended up in the Swedish Black Metal Underground zine Funeral March issue II,namely Yawgmoth and Wrath Passion,as a track from Wrath Passion also was featured on the compilation which came with the zine.

For all the interviews:Head for the following link,